How To Game Share On Steam

Game sharing is when one person buys a game online and is able to share it with friends and family. In the good ol’ days, players were able to simply let someone borrow a disc, but in the age of downloading games this isn’t possible anymore.

In this article you will learn how to game share your video game library with up to five people.

Steam Game Sharing

  1. Steam has set up a “Steam Family Library Sharing” feature in their service. To enable this you will have to go to Steam > Settings > Account and make sure you have Steam Guard. If you do it will visibly say so with a green shield icon. This is basically saying your account has added security so they know it’s you. If not, some random hacker could be using your account to share your library.
  2. Once you have Steam Guard, head to Settings > Family where you will be able to start the process. On the top half of the screen you will need to set up what exactly you are choosing to share as well as a four digit pin. Go ahead and make sure you have this done and remember your pin!
  3. Next you will have to click the second portion where it says authorize this computer. Basically what you are doing here is making it so anyone who logs in to this computer can use your library if you authorize it.
  4. Repeat 1-3 on your friend or family members account. Make sure you are doing all of this on the same computer. If they want your library as well you will have to do all these steps again on theirs.


Things To Know

  • You can’t play the same game at the same time. If two people try playing a shared game, the user who’s account purchased it will get the game and the friend/family member will get kicked off
  • You can authorize up to 10 computers at a time with up to 5 accounts
    • Yes, that means you can have up to 5 other libraries on your computer
  • Some games can’t be shared, ones that require specific CD keys or subscriptions
  • This works for DLC as well