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How To Pack-a-Punch In Zombies In Spaceland

This article will teach you how to turn on the power and to activate the Pack-a-Punch in Zombies in Spaceland.

1. Activate The Power

To begin, activate the power in the ticket booth room when you spawn. This will allow you to purchase the $750 door to get into the main conjunction area. Once you get here you will notice that there is a portal in the center with four white lights above it. You will need to go the three main areas in the map and the arcade and find the power. Watch the video above for each location.

2. Activate The Portals

Once you have the power activated in an area, walk up to the portal to activate it. Once it is activated, you can walk through it and it will take you back to the center portal. For each activation, you will notice the once white light will now be shown blue. After you get all four you will be able to go through the center portal to Pack-a-Punch. Once again, the YouTube video shown above will outline where the location of every portal is. But for the most part, they are right next to their power levers.

3. Pack-a-Punch

Once you have used the central portal to teleport it will need some time to refresh. This means you should probably make sure you have the $5000 ready if you want to upgrade your weapons. However, you can still use this as a way to buy yourself some time if a friend is trying to revive himself or if you need to take a thirty second break.