DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom series is by far the best consumer, and most popular by a long shot, recording drone on the market. Every year the Chinese based company delivers a better and better drone that solidifies their spot in the drone market. With the new and improved Phantom 4, DJI is once again setting the bar for other companies.

Phantom 4 Pro


The Phantom 4 Pro is basically just an upgraded Phantom 4, mainly in it’s safety features. The Phantom drones are extremely easy to fly, but break easier than glass if you ever made contact with anything. The previous version two sensors detecting if the drone would crash into something in front or underneath of it. This could easily become an issue because drones do not work like a car, boat, or any other vehicle you can think of. They can go the exact same speed left, right, forward, and backwards. Especially with some of your shots, your drone will be drive backwards or side to side. In this case, the drone will not be able to detect an object and will simply crash into it.

DJI added sensors to detect any direction that you take your drone. The sensors can detect up to 30 feet away and the drone will completely stop if it gets too close an object. It will be pretty hard to crash on of these things. The drone’s top speed increased to 31 MPH. On the previous Phantom 4, you would have to put your drone into “Sport” mode which would allow the aircraft to fly faster but would turn off the safety features. This is no longer an issue as the drone can fly at its maximum speed and still detect objects.

If you were to lose signal (and you’d have to fly over 3 miles away to do so), the drone will fly back to you until it can detect signal again. It will even fly the exact same path back to you and detect objects on it’s way, constantly dodging them until it returned home. It will be hard to break or lose this drone.


The onboard camera now has an upgraded 1-inch sensor with 20-megapixel still photo capabilities. That larger sensor gives it 11.6 stops of dynamic range, which should keep your shots looking great even when your subject backlit (think sunset landscape). It can shoot 4K at speeds of up to 60 frames per second and bitrates of up to 100Mbps. With a better camera, your shots will look better than ever!


There are now two options for the Phantom 4 Pro. The first is the traditional style controller where you mount your own device and pair it with your drone. This allows you to choose the screen size you want. However, pairing the devices can be a pain and it drains the battery life on your smart phone or tablet. The second option DJI is now offering is a controller with a pre-installed 5.5 inch touch screen. You will be able to drag your finger and draw paths on this controller in which the drone will follow. The drone’s TapFly feature is now capable of going backwards thanks to the sensors added in the rear.

Battery Life

The battery life on the drone is now bumped up to 30 minutes. This is really impressive for a battery that has to be light enough to fly, yet powerful enough to energize a quality camera and drone capable of all these features.


The Phantom 4 Pro with the controller that you will have to pair your separate device to is going for $1500. If you want the Phantom 4 Pro+ Edition that includes a screen on the controller already, you will have to shell out $1800. This is very expensive but with the added features and safety, it might just be worth investing in.