The Top 5 GoPro Accessories To Use On Your Action Camera

A lot of people either have or are looking to get the popular action camera that swept the consumer markets. Of course just having a GoPro is useless. You need the additional accessories that you can buy separately in order to get the most out of the device.

In this list we will share the top 5 accessories that we believe will help you shoot amazing videos as well as links to purchase them if you so choose. With that being said, let us begin with the top 5 GoPro accessories to use on your action camera.

5. Selfie Stick


When most people think about shooting videos with a GoPro, they picture themselves skiing down a mountain or jumping out of a plane. But one of the best things about a GoPro is it’s size and quality of video. This makes it the perfect camera to take with you and shove it in your pocket as you go on vacation. This is exactly what I did when I went to New York City over the summer, and the video came out amazing.

So why a selfie stick? The GoPro is small and portable, but a selfie stick added on can let you capture everyone, including yourself, in order to make memories. No one said that GoPro videos have to be “First Person.” In fact, showing yourself occasionally will greatly enhance the video. There are multiple types of selfie sticks, some are floatation devices so you can take them on the water skis with you, others are cheaply made and get the job done at an affordable rate.

All three choices have their differences. The floating one will be more expensive simply because it can float. The GoPro namebrand has three different functions to it, unfortunetley floating is not one of them.

  1. $9.99 | A cheap generic selfie stick that will get the job done at an affordable rate
  2. $29.99 | A floating selfie stick, perfect for use on water as it will save your camera
  3. $69.99 | This is the GoPro name brand, it can transform into a tripod, selfie stick or camera handle

4. Head Mount


Now we will talk about everyone’s favorite mount. The head mount gives you a “First Person” point of view that everyone loves to see in a GoPro video. The first issue with this mount is that you look absolutely ridiculous. Of course no one can see you in the video and that is all that matters… but still.

The mount has a few cons that I want to discuss first. If you are very tall like I am (6’2) you will seem very aline-like in the video. Especially if you don’t change the settings on your camera and you leave the fisheye setting on. The GoPro will be very high up and your arms will appear far away and extremely long. The other issue I have seen with this mount is stabilization problems. Because your head is constantly moving, looking around, bobbing up and down when you hit the slopes or a wave on the lake, the camera is almost shaking. If you are in really choppy water on a jet ski, you video will be very hard to watch. It isn’t necessarily the mount’s fault, it’s the fact that your head simply moves around a lot.

However, if done properly, the head mount can really help improve one’s video and give it that classical “GoPro style” video that we all know and love. Quality wise, there isn’t a real difference with the head mounts. You’d be a fool to not buy the generic version.

  1. $7.49 | This is a generic head mount found on Amazon
  2. $19.99 | This is the GoPro name brand, it comes with an additional clip if you wanted to use a hat instead

3. Floaty


Floaty, as GoPro calls it, its a foam floatation device that you simply glue to the back of your camera’s case. This is easily one of my favorite accessories simply because of how much recording I do on the water. The GoPro is not designed to float with it’s indestructible case, and you will quickly realize that if you were to drop it into water.

The Floaty helps alleviate the anxiety of losing your camera down a river or into a lake because it can withstand the weight of the camera and it’s case and is a bright orange color so you’ll easily be able to see where it is. I have driven a jet ski as fast as it could go and through my GoPro into the lake (stupid I know) to see if the Floaty could hold up to what the company claims. Sure enough I did not have to hold my breath very long as it popped up to the surface very quickly for me to retrieve.

Some accessories can be purchased at a lesser quality, such as a selfie stick or head mount. But I have a strict policy with myself that if it was something as severe as losing my camera entirely, I would choose the GoPro name brand. So while I will share links to generic floatation devices, I can not urge enough to consider buying the GoPro version instead. They know what will protect their product and what won’t. Buying a Chinese knockoff might not be the best bet and you don’t want to realize your mistake after it’s too late.

  1. $18.09 | The GoPro Floaty
  2. $7.79 | Generic floatation device

2. Chest Mount


Just like the head mount, the chest mount gives the video a “First Person” point of view. Unlike the head mount, this one doesn’t quite look as weird when a tall person wears it. Because the GoPro has a fisheye lens, being at eye level with your arms still does not look weird.

The reason I ranked the chest mount above the head mount is because it fixes all the issues that I found with the head mount. It isn’t as shaky, your core body is much better stabilized and does not shake nearly as much as your head. Of course this limits your movement of the camera, it won’t exactly show what you’re looking at but the video ends up looking much better. It also does not look as weird for tall people like myself even if it is on your chest.

I own both chest mounts and there is really not a difference between either. Once again I would recommend the generic version.

  1. $12.99 | Generic chest mount
  2. $39.99 | GoPro chest mount

1. Adhesive (Sticky) Mounts


Adhesive mounts are by far my favorite. They provide a secure way to mount your camera to virtually anything. I have put these on cars, kayaks, and jet skis without any fear of losing my camera. They stay on like concrete, so it’s not recommended to place it on something that does not belong to you. This includes renting or borrowing kayaks for a day. I trust these devices a lot more than the suction cup mount, especially on water. One of the issues with the suction cup is that it is extremely heavy and will pull the camera and the floatation device down with it. That isn’t an issue with these mounts.

Once again I will recommend buying the GoPro name brand. I’ll use the same reason before, don’t trust a Chinese brand to save your camera. Especially when it comes to glue. Just don’t do it. I will link both generic and GoPro mounts, but I can’t stress enough how risky it would be to save money here.

  1. $9.99 | Flat and curved generic adhesive mounts
  2. $17.88 | Flat and curved GoPro adhesive mounts