Jurassic World Review

It has been an astonishing 22 years since the first “Jurassic Park” was released. Steven Spielberg created a masterpiece that will go down as one of the all-time greatest movies ever created. Unfortunately the other two movies in the trilogy sucked. However, Spielberg once again rose to greatness as Jurassic World was absolutely stunning!

“Jurassic World” became the first film to gross $500 million worldwide on opening weekend and passed “The Avengers” (who claimed $207.4 million) with $208.8 million within North America alone.

What Makes It So Great?

Jurassic World is everything the writer of the book “Jurassic Park,” Michael Crichton, wanted. A fully functioning park. The CGI used in this movie is absolutely stunning, to watch a poorly recorded copy you found for free on the internet would not do this movie any justice.

The technology used inside the park for each attraction truly makes viewers wish the park was real. The scientific breakthroughs for creating the dinosaurs is so believable that you leave the theater wondering how long until humans can truly see dinosaurs in person. The storyline, how real they make everything, the action, the emotions, everything in this movie leads to an excellent movie!

Chris Pratt is a total BADASS in this movie. When have we ever even dreamed of trying to train raptors, let alone keep up with them on a motorcycle through the jungles of Isla Nublar!? Not only that, Owen (Pratt’s character) is able to turn the extremely hot Bryce Dallas Howard into his girlfriend by the end of the movie. While some were skeptical in having Star-Lord become the next Dr. Alan Grant, Pratt took the role and killed it.


If you want action, “Jurassic World” will give you action. The fight scenes including the dinosaurs are detailed so highly I sometimes forget that it’s CGI. Like I said before, Chris Pratt TRAINED RAPTORS. Is that not enough? I should stop the review right here since you’ve probably already stopped reading to buy your tickets.

Chriss Pratt Raptors

Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that there is multiple fighting scenes including dino v. dino action. You will love it.

Also for the first time in the “Jurassic Park” franchise, a woman is shown getting killed by dinosaurs. As strange as that sounds, it took 22 years from the first movie till now but it finally happens in a really brutal way!

I’m Old Fashioned

That is completely fine too! They have so many references to the original movie it’s ridiculous! First of all almost everything is named “The Hammond ______” after the original owner of Jurassic Park, John Hammond.

One of the technicians wore a t-shirt with the original logo on it and was told to take it off because people died at that park. The two kids that you see in all the commercials? They eventually stumble into one of the old buildings and start up one of the jeeps that was used in the first movie as well.

The last thing I will share about the Jurassic Park/World connection is that Dr. Wu is back. He is actually the only character from the first film that has a role in the newest movie. Dr. Wu (BD Wong) is the scientist behind creating the dinosaurs in the first place and is the guy who created the genetically modified killing machine. He maintains the same job for both movies and it was pretty cool to see him still in the franchise!

What’s Bad?

Jurassic World MercedesIt gets ridiculous how easy it is to spot the product placements in this movie. Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Beats by Dre and Coca-Cola all have multiple scenes where their products are displayed front and center.

On top of that, a lot of the scenes can be guess on what is going to happen. Oh that T-Rex just walked away? I’m sure he’s not going to come exploding through a wall or a roof, Spielberg would never do that! Even though you can pretty much guess what is going to happen, the movie is still epic.

Must Watch!

Storyline 85%
CGI 100%
Easter Eggs 95%
Action 90%
Final Thoughts

Jurassic World is not a sequel we were expecting after the second and third films. Spielberg did a much better job this time and created another masterpiece. With today's technology, the movie was able to go even further than the original movie ever could. While you can guess at times what is going to happen next, the movie is still amazing and has proved that through breaking box office records.

Overall Score 92% Epic
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